Chemical Peel

In your quest to attain your best possible look, you may need to have your skin peeled. If this is the case, you definitely need chemical peels, and this is where we come in.

A chemical peel practically causes controlled injury to the target surface; usually wrinkled or aging tissues. This surface peels of gradually while a new, smooth layer of skin is induced to replace the old one.

Several types of chemical peels exist. They include:

  • Phenol peels
  • Retinoic acid peels
  • Jessner’s peels
  • Beta hydroxy acid peels
  • Alpha hydroxyl acid peels

These acid peels usually comprise of any of the five basic citric acids which are harsh enough to cause peeling without resulting in any substantial damage. You may not notice the result of chemical peels treatment instantly. But as the treatment continues, you will notice a tremendous improvement in the general quality of your skin.

But You Should Not Try This Yourself

That’s right. The deeper the chemical peels, the more likely it will lead to complications. Only trained experts in the cosmetic health and beauty industry can control chemical peeling efficiently. Fortunately, we have trained estheticians, therapists, and physicians who are ready to do the needful and do it carefully. So call on optimum laser hair removal for all your chemical peels needs and we will give you greater value than you could possibly ask for.


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