For most people, electrolysis is nothing more than a chemical reaction taught during chemistry classes in high school, or perhaps an industrial procedure required to purify metals or generate electricity. In the world of cosmetic beauty, electrolysis means something completely different. It is a simple yet very powerful cosmetic procedure carried out to permanently remove unwanted hair. Although this procedure has been around for over a century now, it was relatively relevant that it gained popularity as a means of eliminating unwanted hair.

What You Need To Know About Electrolysis

Basically, electrolysis helps you remove unwanted hair. But there is more to electrolysis than just removing hair. Here are some of the distinctive aspects of electrolysis.

It Provides Lasting Solution

Unlike most other procedures used to remove unwanted hair in the cosmetic care industry, electrolysis ensures that when you eliminate a hair follicle, it is eliminated once and for all. This is usually achieved when the procedure is carried out for up to times. Even laser removals are known to recur after some time.

Electrolysis Can Be Used Extensively

There is hardly any part of the body that electrolysis cannot be used one, except, of course, in the ears and inner ear. This procedure can be carried out on both men and women, with the target in women being hairs on the chest, calf, legs, upper and lower lip, arms, feet, and stomach. In men, the target areas usually include the chest, cheek, and eyebrows.

It has Negligible Side Effects

There could be some inflation and redness after the treatment. This, however, settles on its own later. For some other individuals, red spots may form but they usually degrade and the affected sides heal on their own. It has been observed that though most people experience discomfort on their first electrolysis treatment, they more easily manage subsequent ones.

Lastly, electrolysis may hurt a little. However, when done by professionals, it is a whole lot easier.

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