Photo facial/skin rejuvenation

This treatment is designed to restore those brilliant facial and body looks you have lost over the years. As long as you do anything that brings you in contact with sunlight every day, you definitely have received your share of solar damage which nature dishes from the sun’s rays in the form of lesions and pigments. Additionally, any adult individual, especially the ones that are thirty years and above, automatically begin to show signs of aging.

With our procedures, you need not worry about laser heat or any awkward body contact during the treatment. The laser does its painless job, and you are guarantee to get back to your normal life as soon as possible. We understand that you may have questions about our procedures; that’s why we have taken the time to explain the procedure here.

How It Is Done

The individual to be treated is made to relax completely, possibly briefed and conditioned. When the individual is in this relaxed state, the expert therapist begins the process. Laser beams are targeted at the specific abnormalities such as lesions and blood vessel swelling. At the same time, the beams help prevent sagging of the related tissues. This action eliminates or greatly reduces the effect of aging. To do this, the beams are focused on one surface area at a time and for at least a quarter of an hour.

If the target is to rejuvenate the entire facial skin texture, this procedure is repeated severally on different parts of the face.

You Need Not Worry

This procedure is much simpler than older techniques such as chemical peels. It is very simple and most importantly, it does not damage the exterior of the human flesh. Laser technology allows the emitted rays to eliminate all unwanted tissues without peeling off some flesh or causing tangible damage.

Lastly, our specialized facial and skin treatment procedures guarantee that you will look, feel and become better than you came.


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