Medical diode laser hair removal has become the best alternative in aesthetic medicine, when it comes to removing hair forever and at AHS laser hair removal we have the best hair removal for you. Its preference is due to the ease it offers to get rid of body and facial hair, from the first session.

Diode Laser Hair Removal

Benefits of Medical Diode Laser Hair Removal

If you are thinking of removing hair permanently and painlessly, you will be interested in knowing the 7 benefits of medical diode laser hair removal as an aesthetic treatment.

  1. It’s fast and safe

The medical diode laser does not burn or damage the skin with its application. This means that it is not at all risky to use it as a method of hair removal anywhere on the body.

However, it is always recommended that laser hair removal be applied by a professional of aesthetic medicine, since it is who will be in charge of evaluating your type of skin and hair before starting with the medical diode laser.

  1. It doesn’t hurt

Another great benefit of this hair removal treatment is that it is completely painless; That is why it is so sought afterDiode Hair Removal by both men and women. Yes, being able to remove the excess hair that too without any pain is something everyone values.

Although, for those who are not very tolerant to pain, it is possible to apply anesthetic cream and avoid discomfort during the application of the medical diode laser.

  1. Maintains hygiene

There are many people who need to remove hair for hygiene reasons. For them, the medical diode laser hair removal is still the best option to get your hair done.

An example of this is athletes or dancers, who must remain most of the time without body hair. With diode laser hair removal you can get hair removal and keep your skin fully sanitized.

  1. Combat hirsutism and folliculitis

In aesthetic medicine, diode laser hair removal is perfect for combating both skin conditions. Hirsutism, is permanently eliminated with this hair removal treatment.

On the other hand, it also prevents the formation of pimples on the skin or folliculitis, which is generated due to a bacterial infection and begins when the hair is beginning to grow.

  1. Fits all skin types

One of the biggest fears of people is to be sure that if the hair removal treatment will be able to adapt to their skin type.

However, with the medical diode laser you will not have to think about it, because it is possible to use it on all skin types and take advantage of the incredible results it offers.

  1. Increases self-esteem and improves aesthetics

New beauty standards have led many people to take an interest in removing hair from their body and face; either to be accepted or to feel good about yourself.

By using diode laser hair removal treatment, they can permanently decrease hair growth forever.

  1. Goodbye to hair forever

Diode Laser RemovalYes, as you read “forever.” With the diode laser hair removal treatment you will not have to worry about re-epilation.

Its effect is so powerful that from the first session the excess hair will begin to weaken, until it disappears completely.

It is important to mention that it has been shown to have the same level of effectiveness in body hair, as in facial hair.

Undoubtedly, the great benefits of the diode laser make it a highly sought after hair removal treatment throughout Spain.

Luckily, in our AHS laser hair removal you will find the best medical diode laser hair removal promotions and our aesthetic medical staff in charge of hair removal treatment.

Call us to make a reservation today and say goodbye to hair with medical diode laser hair removal treatment.

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