Body hair removal not only addresses a socially aesthetic issue but also has a direct impact on our hygiene. The different hair removal techniques have evolved to allow us to use them in our own homes.

Frequent shaving provides a series of advantages in terms of hygiene, for years, a process uniquely associated with women, currently extended to both genders.

Body Hair Removal

Benefits of Body Hair Removal

Body hair can be an aesthetic or hygiene problem, both for men and women, but its removal can be relatively simple and more or less expensive depending on the technique or method to be used.

A little over a decade ago, the metrosexual phenomenon burst into the field of aesthetics, displacing the myth of “the man like the bear, the hairier the more beautiful.”

Traditionally relegated to facial shaving, a man with hair removal and a consumer of aesthetic products is positioned on a par with women in body care and styling.

Despite the fact that, years later, men and women again embrace the hair freedom movement established in the 70s that supports the presence of hair in some body areas, hair removal continues to be an aesthetic and hygienic resource chosen by a large percentage of the population.

There are many and diverse body hair removal methods on the market, more or less effective or long-lasting, and whose use serves multiple reasons, such as convenience and speed, cost, duration of effect, etc.

Thus, and depending on the area on which we want to act, we can choose between the more traditional methods: electric machine, hot or cold wax, razor, depilatory creams, tweezers, and thread; or the most innovative and currentHair Removal techniques: laser hair removal and pulsed light hair removal.

Some of these methods, such as hair removal with an electric machine, tweezers, thread, and waxes, remove hair from the roots, delaying hair growth and even making hair thinner.

Its continued use, in addition, favors the weakening of the hair, delaying its birth. With the exception of the newest treatments (laser hair removal and pulsed light), any of the hair removal resources are quick and easy to use and their price is affordable.

The removal of body hair allows exfoliation of the skin, as well as better and deep hydration, becoming even softer, as in the case of waxing.

The aesthetic aspect improves, throwing an image of cleanliness and hygiene, in addition to obtaining a substantial improvement in the healing processes of skin wounds.

Shaving or waxing underarm hair, for example, favors the deodorization of the area, since its removal makes it easier for sweat not to be impregnated in the hair and to avoid an unpleasant body odor.

The practice of some sports is accompanied by the habit of waxing.

Activities such as swimming, athletics, or cycling have routinely incorporated this practice because the absence of hair improves aerodynamics, favors the elimination of sweat, and prevents diseases such as colds or flu by expelling body moisture more effectively.

As you can see, the body hair removal process is much more than a simple aesthetic reason since it brings numerous advantages to those who practice it frequently.

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