Have you tired of fighting with unwanted hair by doing waxing, shaving, and plucking regularly? No need to worry now as you have the facility of Laser Hair Removal. Laser Hair Removal in New York is an aesthetic treatment that is designed to reduce the growth of your body hair.

Though laser hair removal is one of the fastest, safest, and most frequently used non-surgical procedures, yet there are certain myths about this treatment.

Laser Hair Removal is Expensive

Because laser hair removal treatment follows advanced technology, that’s why people think that it must be expensive. But it’s just a myth. Actually, this method can is costs less as compared to waxing. There is no doubt that waxing costs less per session, but it costs more than laser hair removal when you count it for a lifetime.

Laser Hair Removal Cause Hair to Grow More Frequent

Some people think that laser hair removal causes the hair to grow denser, which is just a myth. In fact, each treatment should cause a lessening of hair growth from 10 to 20 percent. With some sessions, there is a visible reduction in the density and growth rate of hair.

Laser Hair Removal is not Safe

It’s completely a myth that laser hair removal is not a safe treatment. Actually, it’s a totally safe treatment that is provided by experienced aestheticians with the right parameters according to your complexion and body type.

Laser Hair Removal Causes Burns

Sometimes people are afraid of getting laser hair removal treatment because they think that it can cause burns. But the fact is that it can’t cause burns or any kind of pain. If you have more dark skin, then there may be a few chances of burns. So, it is advised to get some pre-medications by talking to your dermatologist.

Laser Hair Removal Works in One Sitting

This sounds too good that laser hair removal treatment provides results in just one sitting, but it’s only a myth. The fact is that near about 6 to 8 sessions are required to get the best results. Depending on hair and skin type, and hair and skin color, sessions may vary too.

There are lots of clinics that provide laser hair removal treatment, but as it requires skills for the best results, it is wise to choose an expert dermatologist like Optimum Laser Hair Removal. Our dermatologist first analyses the patient’s skin and then provides the appropriate treatment accordingly. Book an appointment today with us!

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