A full-body hair removal is a perfect option if you want to forget about hair forever. But can you really wax any part of your body? Is this a high investment when it comes to removing hair from all over the body?

These are some of the doubts that usually arise around this treatment, whether it is laser hair removal for women or laser hair removal for men, and it is normal that when you consider investing in something so important that it affects your entire body, you want to have all the answers to help you make the right decision.

Thus, in this post, we will provide you with all the data you need so that you can determine if laser hair removal on the whole body is what you are looking for.

Full body hair removal

What is a full-body hair removal session like?

A full-body hair removal session requires several preparatory steps, as well as post-session care that you must carry out so that the effectiveness of the treatment is complete.

Preparation for the session

Before attending a session on these characteristics, you must prepare your skin and body well by following a series of steps:

Shave the hair from all the parts to be laser depilated, 5-6 days before if the hair is weak and 1-2 days if theLaser hair removal hair is strong. Before, you should ask your laser technician which are the hormonal zones that you should not shave since they will be in charge of working them in the center.

Hydrate your skin constantly with Aloe Vera. If the skin is dry, the treatment could diminish its effectiveness, so hydration is very important.

Avoid sunbathing 3-4 days before the session. It also uses constant sun protection, especially in delicate areas such as the face.

Procedure during the session

Once you arrive at your full-body hair removal session, you should notify your laser technician if you have taken any medication in the last 24-48 hours, or if you are currently undergoing medical treatment. This is important so that they can check their compatibility with the laser and ensure that there is no risk.

This day, in addition, you should wear clean skin and free of creams, oils, or makeup, as this can clog the pore and make it difficult for the laser to detect the follicle.

full-body hair removalThe laser technician will check the pores of the hair in the areas to be waxed, preparing those hormonal that should be prepared there, and shaving the hair that may have been passed during the shaving at home. After this, the conductive gel will be applied and the treatment will begin. Remember that, to make sure that the laser is working, you should feel small pinpricks, without it being extremely painful. If you feel nothing or too much pain, tell your laser technician to readjust the power before continuing with the session.

During the entire process, the session will have had an average duration of between 1 and 1.5 hours in the case of girls, and between 1.5 and 2 hours in the case of boys. This will depend on each case since each body is different and depends on several factors, so we will not be able to guarantee the full duration until you have started the treatment.

Once finished, the technician will remove the remains of the conductive gel and apply Aloe Vera to soothe erythema or skin irritation.

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