When summer comes, you want to show off your summer body and enjoy the warm sun on the beaches. One of the things that can pour water on your plans is unwanted hair on your body parts, especially the legs. While there are options for removing this hair such as waxing and plucking, none has the effect that laser hair removal has. 

So, how many laser hair removal treatments need for legs? On average, you will need to attend 4-6 sessions to completely remove hair from your leg. But sometimes you might need to attend up to 12 sessions to get optimal results. The number of sessions depends on factors such as the color of the skin, hair color, hormonal levels, etc.

How many laser hair removal treatments need for legs what you need to know 

Let’s take a detailed look at how many sessions you need to remove leg hair. 

How many sessions of laser hair removal for legs are needed?

Laser hair removal is a very effective and efficient hair removal procedure that removes hair for a long time, sometimes permanently. It works by targeting the pigment of hair on a particular area of the skin with a laser of a particular wavelength. The hair absorbs the laser and turns it into heat. The heat travels to the hair follicles and destroys them to prevent hair growth. 

Now, laser hair removal isn’t a one-and-done procedure. You have to attend multiple sessions of laser treatment to remove hair from your leg. But how many sessions should you attend to get the result?

How many laser hair removal treatments need for legs

Well, the average number of sessions one has to attend to get a satisfactory result is around 4 to 6. But this number isn’t fixed, and you might need to attend even more sessions depending on a few factors. The following factors decide how many laser hair treatments for legs are needed: 

1. The color of your skin

As we have mentioned before, laser hair removal works by targeting the pigments of hair on your skin. This works best if you have darker hair and a fairer skin tone. If you have a darker skin tone, then traditional laser can’t differentiate between the skin and the hair’s pigments. This makes the procedure somewhat inefficient, and results in your needing to attend more sessions. 

2. Lighter hair

Another factor that can increase how many laser treatments for legs you need to attend to remove leg hair by laser is the color of your hair. If you have lighter hair, such as white, blonde, etc, then the laser can’t pick up the pigments of your hair properly. This will cause you to attend more than the estimated 4-6 sessions we mentioned earlier. 

Recent laser hair removal technology has made it possible for people with darker skin tones to get effective laser hair removal. But there is still much work to be done to remove lighter leg hair. 

3. Hormonal levels

The reason hair grows on the skin in the first place is because of elevated levels of testosterone. If you have an increased level of testosterone, then more hair will grow on your legs, no matter what procedure you adopt to remove them. In this case, you will need to attend more sessions to remove leg hair and might need to continue attending touch-up sessions on a regular basis after the scheduled ones. 

4. Personal routine

Your personal routine in between and after the laser hair removal sessions will also play a big role in determining how many laser sessions for your legs you will need to attend. There are certain dos and don’ts after and between laser hair removal sessions.

Some of these are shaving the hair in between or just before the sessions, not using the right skin care products, taking medications that increase hair growth, etc. 

If you continue to do stuff that you are not supposed to do while attending laser treatment on your legs before and after sessions, you will interfere with the treatment. This will cause the effect of laser hair treatment to be less effective, and hair will start to grow when they weren’t supposed to. As a result, you will have to attend more, sometimes even up to 12 sessions. 

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Final Words

Since different people have different skin tones and hair colors, it is very natural for you to ask us “How many laser hair removal treatments need for legs?”. The best practice, in this case, is to consult a doctor. After that, contact us to book our laser and elite laser hair removal services


1. How long does it take leg hair to grow back?

If you use laser hair removal, after the required number of sessions, hair will not grow back in the same place. In between the sessions, hair might grow about half to one inch every month. 

2. How much to laser legs?

The average cost of lasering legs is around $600 per session in the USA. We, at Optimum Laser, charge $2400 for 6 sessions, which is an offer that you can avail of up to May 31st. 

3. How long does laser hair removal last legs?

Much like the number of required sessions, the time the effects of laser hair removal last depends a lot on various factors. There are chances that the effects of this treatment are permanent. Even if the results are not permanent, you can expect at least 6-12 months of hairless legs. 

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