Most women don’t like hair on the body apart from the head- it is generally seen as being masculine and unattractive. Many methods are usually adopted to shave correctly for women, such as waxing, shaving, depilation, and permanent methods like laser hair removal methods. Shaving is the commonest and most convenient way of removing hair. The use of razors requires no special skill or expertise. As easy as it is, shaving may also cause undesired effects or skin issues if certain factors are not taken care of. Shaving, especially for women, should be done carefully to give a smooth and safe effect.


Shave correctly for women

Many times, people only pay attention to the shaving process itself, neglecting the aspect of preparing the skin. Your skin prep is very critical to how your shaving turns out. When it comes to preparing your skin, wetting the skin is the first step. Making the skin wet helps to soften the skin, that’s why it’s very advisable to shave after bathing when the skin is still wet. To properly soften the skin, it should have spent about 10 minutes in warm water. It is important to note that the water should not be too warm or hot because it can make the skin too soft and vulnerable to cuts. If you like to have your bath with very hot water, you should make the water a bit cooler for the sake of shaving.  Making your skin wet before shaving helps to open the pores and enhances the benefits of exfoliation.

After softening the skin and opening the pores, exfoliation should follow. Exfoliating the skin helps to eradicate deadSHAVE CORRECTLY WOMEN skin from the surface of the skin, making it easier for the blade to shave smoothly. When the skin is not exfoliated, the dead skin cells easily clog the blade and may bring about rough shaving. Skin exfoliation before shaving also enhances longer-lasting shaving because it helps the blade to remove hair completely. To exfoliate, you can make use of a loofah to gently scrub the area you want to shave. Should you forget to exfoliate before shaving, do not exfoliate after shaving as this may cause irritation or other skin reactions- it is not a good idea in any way.

Many women make the mistake of using their bathing soap to shave based on the perception that it makes the blade move smoothly over the skin. The reality, however, is that soap is not good for shaving because it can be styptic and make the skin rough after shaving. Using soap to shave correctly for man also makes the skin dry because it does not moisturize the skin enough- soap wasn’t made for shaving. The best option is to use gels that are specifically made for shaving. These gels and foams make the skin soft and smooth after shaving. When there is no shaving gel available, you could make use of your hair conditioner instead of using soap. An effective method for a perfectly smooth shave is applying body oil after exfoliation and rinsing it off before applying shower gel.

While shaving, it is essential to pay attention to the condition of the blade. You should not make use of blunt or overused razors as this will make it harder for the hair to be completely removed from the base. It also increases the risk of having cuts and ingrown because you have to pull your skin for the blunt blade to shave the hair. You should dispose of the blade after the third use or if you notice that clogged dirt remains hidden around it after rinsing. After each stroke, you should rinse your blade to avoid clogging the blade. Additionally, you should not shave the same area too many times to avoid cuts.

We hear it now and then that we should shave in the direction of hair growth. This tip cannot be overemphasized as it is the safest method to avoid ingrown hair and reduce cuts or bacterial infections. For people that do not have any issues with shaving in any direction, they can decide to shave indiscriminately. However, you should take note of the


direction of hair growth(you could use a small mirror) and start shaving the hair in a downward direction first and then shaving in an upward direction. For your underarms, you should lift your arms over your head and shave in an upward direction then shave again in a downward direction to remove hair from the roots. When shaving your pubic hair, you should shave in the growth direction before shaving against the direction of hair growth for a closer and smoother shave. Shaving the pubic hair should be accompanied by the application of thicker moisturizing creams to eradicate dryness or flaky skin as the skin of this area is more sensitive. When shaving the legs, you should bend your knees to allow a closer and smoother shave. It is also important to be more careful while shaving the bonier parts of the legs as it is easier to cut the skin by mistake. In the case of a wound or sore on the skin, only the surroundings should be shaved to avoid bacterial infection or aggravated injuries.

After shaving, it is of utmost importance to moisturize the skin to prevent irritation and dryness. When you are done shaving, rinse off the lather with warm water before rinsing again with cold water to close the pores. You should not expose shaved skin to direct sunlight until after about 30 hours because the rays of the sun can cause harm to the shaved skin. Although the frequency of shaving depends on the rate of your hair growth, it is ideal to shave at least twice a week.

For the shaving blades to remain in good condition for a longer time, you should always cover the blades with their covers after each use.

These shaving tips will significantly make your shaving experience safer and more convenient. However, it should be noted that shaving is a temporary and continuous hair removal method.

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