Laser hair removal has become one of the most effective alternatives to always look perfect, but what are the most popular laser hair removal areas among women?

Laser Hair Removal Areas

Laser Hair Removal Areas Most Demanded By Women

Statistics confirm that one of the most important aesthetic concerns for women are those areas where the hair is most resistant. By areas of the body, the following classification could be carried out.

The intimate area

The intimate depilation extends from the pubis to the English. Among the most demanded options are:

  • The Brazilian English. They include the groin and the contour of the pubis.
  • The one is known as the bikini line. It is shaved in a triangular way to prevent the hair from sticking out when wearing the garment that gives it its name.
  • Total intimate hair removal. It covers both the pubis and the intimate and perianal area.


The various techniques to remove hair in this visible area are not effective, also causing the process to be repeated continuously. Armpits hair removal

The laser manages, in a few sessions, not only to weaken the hair follicle but also to eliminate it little by little until you achieve a perfect result that you can wear throughout the year.

The legs

Relying on the laser will achieve the total disappearance of the hair in a very few sessions. You will only have to undergo a repetition session after about six months, so you will be betting on an option that respects your skin and protects your health effectively.


Remember that, depending on the area of ​​your face, the density of the skin varies, so using the same option for the entire face ends up seriously altering the resistance of the skin, causing easily avoidable irritations.

Laser hair removal can be used in:

  • The frown. Waxing in this area is essential to give your face a different look.
  • The upper lip. Neither the wax nor the blades are effective. A few laser sessions are always advisable to remove any trace of hair.
  • Chin. It is prone to folliculitis and acne, the technique that we have been describing is always recommended.
  • Neck
  • Sideburns
  • Cheekbone.

facial hair removalAfter the treatment, you will only have to protect yourself from the sun for a few days, but in return, you will look perfect and free from the presence of annoying facial hair.

It is important to mention that the use of laser technology must always be supervised by professionals in the sector. It is not convenient to go to beauty centers or hairdressers that promise great results but do not have the ability to resolve any type of incident or consequence that may arise from their work.

We recommend that to make the most of the benefits of laser hair removal, you make an appointment at our center specialized in laser hair removal and aesthetic medicine. Our professionals will advise you at all times and will propose how you can achieve the best possible result. We assure you of a splendid result and the progressive elimination of your body hair.

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