When looking for perfect skin, it is always good to find a service that can assure safety. Too much is one of those issues that make people very uncomfortable. Treating them is part of finding that skin tone you always wanted.

This is a condition that affects one out of three women and one out of five men. Hence, it’s not a new problem, or one you can say came due to something you did.

At Optimum Laser, we have a highly trained and experienced team to deal with the issue. It might only take a few minutes, and you are back to your normal life.

Understanding Laser Hair Removal

Having hair on the skin is normal. This is how you know a person is in good health. The hair serves its purpose as part of the skin.

However, we are no longer living in the ice age where hair used to keep people warm. This is why we don’t allow our hair to overgrow.

Besides, too much hair on the skin becomes a nuisance, not only to you but to those around you as well. Humans are social beings, which is why everything you do affects the other person around you.

Some people don’t like too much hair on the skin because it makes it hard to keep hygiene.

For those who need smooth skin – which many do, shaving, waxing, depilatory creams, IPL, and plucking seems like the easiest solution. It gets the hair off, and you will be feeling great in no time.

Whether it’s on the chest, the legs, or anywhere else on the body, these methods have been used for a long time.

Many hair salons and barbershops exist for this reason. And we must agree they do a great job with all the products available.

But there is only one major concern – that these methods are temporary. Hence, you will have to devote many hours of your life to deal with hair removal.

What if there was a way to handle it once and forget about hair growth for a long time? Well, that is what it means to have a laser hair removal service work on your skin.

If you are tired of endless routines of shaving and scrabbing, this could be your ultimate answer.

At Laser Hair Removal Manhasset, New York, we use the latest technologies to ensure our customers are well satisfied. We have a Cynosure Elite+ device that works seamlessly to deliver the most desired results.

Areas that can be removed

Hair grows in almost every part of human skin. There are very few areas that will remain smooth through, especially for the masculine gender.

Some of these areas are very hard to shave or apply any other removal method. It is all about identifying the right approach and employing it to the maximum.

We understand how hard it can be to deal with these issues. And we are here to help, making sure you never have to go through hard times.

Here are areas our treatment can reach:


Facial hair is the most common and visible type affecting a large number of men. It starts at puberty and does not stop for the rest of their lives. Everyday shaving does not offer a lot of help if you are looking for permanent solutions.


Sweating, irritation, and constant dirt are what make underarms hair uncomfortable. It is supposed to grow naturally, but that does not mean you must deal with the nuisance. Laser removal keeps the hair hidden for a long time, letting you enjoy the freedom of smooth arm bits. You can then raise your hands even when wearing short-sleeved or sleeveless shirts.

Lower legs

For women, smooth legs are considered part of beauty. This is why they will spend a lot of time removing hair from them. But most of the approaches used are temporary, which causes the hair to grow back almost immediately. AHS laser hair removal deals with the root, helping you remain clean all through.


A sweaty back is almost at irritating as sweaty underarms. It can be reduced by having less hair. If you work in high intensity, hot environments, you may want a permanent solution, which can be found through laser hair removal services.

Bikini area

This is the most sensitive area of the human body. Hygiene is paramount and must be done with serious care. You don’t want sweat causing dirt, leading to foul smell in this area. Other removal methods can help, but that is only until the next day. Laser hair removal ensures you never have to deal with fast-growing hair anymore.


Chest hair is comfortable for most men. But some would rather have it all smooth. In this case, it might be a great idea to let the experts deal with everything. Our machines are designed to handle hair removal with precision and comfort.

If you are bothered by hair in any of these areas, talk to our experienced hair removal team, and you might cover it all. We aim any seeing our customers happy, and that is what we deliver.

How it works

The hair under your skin is gently removed by targeting unwanted hair follicles. It is important to be very accurate in this procedure, which is what our caregivers strive to achieve.

Elite+ laser device sends tiny pulses of measured light to the targeted areas of your hair. It does not have any effect on the upper part of your skins, and hence, very safe.

Once inside, the light changes into heat, which destroys the hair pigment. Also, it deactivates the hair follicles, keeping them from regrowth.

Now you may think the process is painful due to the heat, but that is not the case. The machine we use comes with a cooling system that keeps a comfortable skin surface throughout the process.

It might feel a little tingling or snapping as the laser pulses work, but it not painful. However, this varies from patient to patient.

Ideal results are seen after a series of three to six treatments in most patients. This is because your hair grows in three phases, and the Elite+ system must target each individual.

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