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Spider veins are a common problem so we are offering we are offering vein removal in manhasset, as it is affecting one in three women and one in five men. If the tiny veins on your face or legs make you self-conscious or unhappy, Optimum Laser Hair Removal in Manhasset, New York, has a state-of-the-art solution for you. Laser vein removal with the advanced Cynosure® Elite+™ system gives you fast results with no downtime. To find out more, contact a member of the experienced Optimum Laser Hair Removal team online or by phone now.

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Laser Vein Removal


Telangiectasias, better known as spider veins, are the tiny threadlike veins that commonly appear on the face and legs. Spider veins are usually red, but they can also be blue or purple in some cases. 

While varicose veins are large, knobby looking veins that bulge out from your skin, spider veins don’t push beyond your skin’s surface. Regardless, spider veins can be quite prominent on your face or legs. 

Spider veins can be hereditary, and they can also develop when the valves in your veins don’t function properly. If blood within your veins doesn’t move along properly, blood buildup can dilate the vein, thus triggering the vivid tiny veins on your nose, chin, cheeks, legs, or elsewhere.

Your Optimum Laser Hair Removal care provider gently moves the Cynosure Elite+ laser device over your skin, directly above the spider veins. The laser bypasses your top skin layer, leaving it unharmed, so it can target the dilated blood vessels below your skin. 

As the laser light reaches your veins, it transforms to heat that seals the veins closed. This cuts the blood supply to the unwanted veins, which causes the vein to shrink until the tissue is reabsorbed harmlessly into your body. 

Each laser vein removal session lasts 5-30 minutes, depending on how many veins you’re treating.

The Elite+ system delivers continuous cooling to your skin during the laser vein removal treatment. Generally, this ensures that you’re comfortable, but you might feel a slight tingling or snapping sensation as the laser pulses.

Many patients notice a reduction in unwanted spider veins immediately after treatment. Results generally improve even more over the week after treatment. You’ll notice a gradual fading until the spider veins aren’t visible any longer.

It depends on how many spider veins you have and your specific situation, but most patients get maximum results from a series of 1-4 treatments. Generally, treatments are around 4-8 weeks apart. 

To clear away those troublesome spider veins quickly and safely, call Optimum Laser Hair Removal or book an appointment online anytime. 

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