Unwanted hair growth has always been a source of a lack of self-confidence as well as an annoyance in people. Of all the hair growth in unwanted places, mole hair is particularly unique. This is because moles themselves are not that big of a deal, but hair grows on these moles, they can look terrible. 

There are quite a few mole hair removal methods. Some people shave mole hair, which is not the safest option. You can also trim the mole hair with a trimmer, or you can pluck them with a tweezer. But the most effective and safest option to remove mole hair is laser hair removal. 

Here is all you need to know about removing mole hair. 

What is the best hair-on-mole removal method?

Since moles are usually darker than the skin, they can look quite unattractive if they have hair on them. But like most parts of your body, you can’t remove your mole hair willy-nilly. As the skin on and around moles are sensitive, you need to take special care while removing mole hair. 

Here is how to remove mole hair permanently and safely.

1. Traditional methods

First, we will talk about the more traditional methods to remove mole hair. The safety of these methods varies greatly depending on the methods themselves. 

Shaving Hair Remover
  • Shaving: Shaving is one of the most common ways to remove hair from moles, but it is not the safest. As mentioned before, the skin on the mole can quite sensitive, so you run the risk of being cut while shaving your mole hair. If you want to shave your mole hair, you need to be careful around the mole. 
  • Trimming: A much more safer option than shaving is trimming your mole hair with a trimer. There is less risk of getting cut when you trim your mole hair with a trimmer. But the main issue regarding trimming the hairs on your mole is the hair will grow again quickly. So if you are looking for a way to remove mole hair permanently, this isn’t it. 
  • Plucking: Another more common and traditional method people use to remove hair from their moles is plucking them with tweezers. This method is a quick one but can lead to discomfort. When you pluck your mole hair, it might lead to the mole and the surrounding area becoming inflamed. 

2. Creams

Creams for Hair Remover

Another common, yet more modern way to remove mole hair is to use depilatory creams. These creams are more helpful and effective than the methods mentioned above, but the result isn’t very long-lasting. Some creams can also cause abrasion on the sensitive skin of the mole, which can lead to infections. 

3. Laser hair removal

Laser Hair Remover

This is one of the most effective mole hair removal solutions. Laser hair removal works by targeting a small area, in this case, the mole, with a laser. Then the area is zapped with the laser with a specific wavelength, which is absorbed and then turned into heat by hair follicles. The heat causes the hair follicles to become destroyed, leading to the hair growth being stopped. 

Why laser hair removal is the best way to remove hair from moles on faces

Now, what makes laser hair removal the best hair removal solution for mole hair? Here are the reasons why you should choose laser treatment above every other hair removal procedure to remove hair from your mole. 

  1. It is more precise: As mentioned before, laser therapy works by targeting a small area of your skin. This comes in especially handy for mole hair since it needs the laser to be concentrated on the hair. Laser hair treatment doesn’t target the mole, even if it does, the targeted area will be too small, causing minimal discomfort.
best way to remove hair from moles
  1. Long-Lasting Effects: Compared to other methods, laser hair removal has much more long-lasting effects. While hair grows back quite quickly after other procedures, it isn’t the case for laser hair removal. Sometimes the effects might even be permanent. 
  1. It is quicker and more convenient for patients: Laser hair removal is one of the fastest hair removal procedures in the world. You can be done with this treatment within half an hour, which saves you a lot of time. It is also very convenient for you, as you don’t have to spend a lot of time preparing for the procedure.
  1. It is versatile: Another reason you should go for laser hair removal for mole hair above any other procedure is that it suits a vast array of skin colors and tones. This is another way this procedure is convenient for you. 

Final Words

Mole and the hair on it are quite sensitive things to deal with, and hence you need the perfect way to remove them. Our laser hair removal services ensure you get the best mole hair removal service to a more permanent effect, so you don’t have to deal with it frequently. 


Is it safe to remove hair from moles?

Usually, there are no issues regarding removing hair from moles. But to be completely safe, you need to consult an experienced dermatologist or a physician before removing mole hair

Are there any risks or side effects associated with laser hair removal for mole hair?

Undergoing laser hair removal to remove mole hair generally doesn’t have any side effects. But some patients might experience some side effects like redness, swelling, discomfort, and light scarring. 

Can laser hair removal damage or change the mole?

Laser hair removal technicians take special care to protect the kole during the procedure. So, there is nearly no chance of the black moles after laser hair removal being damaged or changed during laser hair treatment.

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