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Unwanted pigmentation is usually a result of sun damage, especially incremental sun exposure over many years. Luckily, you don’t have to live with sun spots or other sun damage thanks to the state-of-the-art laser treatment available at Optimum Laser Hair Removal in Manhasset, New York. The Cynosure® Elite+™ laser offers the gentlest, fastest, and most effective sun spot removal option available. Use online booking or call the office to schedule your appointment now.

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Skin pigmentation is deposits of melanin that rise to the surface of your skin. It appears as brown spots or blotches on your face, arms, chest, shoulders, or other parts of your body.

Age spots, also called liver spots or sun spots, are the most common kind of skin pigmentation. Freckles are another common kind of this. Melasma, which normally appears as a mask covering your cheeks, forehead, and upper lip, is another form of pigmentation. 

The two main causes of unwanted skin pigmentation are sun damage and aging. Even if you now avoid the sun, years of sun exposure can take their toll on your skin as you age. 

Although melasma is often triggered by sun exposure, it’s often tied to hormone surges and is quite common during pregnancy.

At Optimum Laser Hair Removal, your experienced practitioner uses the Cynosure® Elite+™ laser to remove unwanted pigmentation, including sun spots. As your practitioner moves the Elite+ device gently over your skin, the laser pulses go directly into the unwanted pigment. 

The laser energy heats and shatters the pigment into many tiny pieces. The pigment grows lighter and disappears in the next few weeks as your body’s natural healing process takes over.

It’s normal for your skin to feel slightly warm, similar to a mild sunburn, in the treated area after your Elite+ pigmentation treatment. This can go away in a couple of hours but could last for up to 24 hours. 

Other than that, there aren’t any side effects. You can return to work and your normal routine right away. 

The number of sessions depends on how large the treatment areas are. Most patients need just a few Elite+ treatments to greatly lessen or remove unwanted pigment like sun spots. 

If sun damage, including sunspots, prevents your skin from looking healthy and youthful, a pigmentation laser treatment at Optimum Laser Hair Removal is the best solution. Click the online appointment tool or call the office to book now. 

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