Why should you choose Laser Hair Removal to remove unwanted hair? If you are on this site, chances are you are looking for a method better than the one you have been using. And that better method is laser hair removal.

Choose Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal will provide excellent results for most body areas (not recommended for the eye area), including the legs, chest, back, bikini area, and facial hair. Laser hair removal is a procedure that will benefit both women and men. While many women choose laser hair removal for bikini area hair, leg hair, and facial hair, many men choose laser hair removal for back hair and chest hair. Many male athletes that need hair removed from their legs will also choose laser hair removal.

Choose Laser Hair Removal

Laser vs. Electrolysis

Before laser hair removal was approved in the 1990s, the only permanent solution was electrolysis. Electrolysis treatments, however, are very tedious and time consuming, and painful. In comparison, laser hair removal treatments are relatively fast and pain-free.

While both options are more costly upfront than temporary methods, choosing a permanent method can be more time and cost-efficient over a lifetime. Electrolysis, however, can be more expensive than laser hair removal for large body areas. For a large area such as the back, it may take 8 hours of treatments with lasers, but it will take about 100 hours with electrolysis. If you want a permanent hair removal method and choose laser hair removal instead of electrolysis, you will enjoy more comfortable treatments and most likely save time and money.

Laser vs. Shaving

Many people will choose to shave away unwanted hair because it is inexpensive and is a procedure they can do themselves. While this may work for some areas and for some people, laser hair removal does provide a better solution. Laser hair removal does not cause cuts or irritation or ingrown hairs like shaving. Laser hair removal will achieve permanent results, and you won’t have to deal with the constant stubble and daily shaving.

For women who develop facial hair, laser hair removal can remove the facial hair that can be embarrassing and annoying. For the bikini area that is especially sensitive and prone to irritation and ingrown hairs, the area can be safely treated with laser hair removal. Shaving large body areas (chest and legs) can be very time-consuming to do daily. A man who wants the hair shaved from his back usually needs to ask for assistance from someone else. Laser hair removal will save time and worry of having to shave daily in order to avoid unwanted hair.

Laser vs. Waxing

Many women torture themselves every four to six weeks to have the hair removed from their legs and bikini area (very painful) with wax treatments. Many men endure the pain of having back hair and chest hair removed with wax treatments. And with all the pain involved, the results are only temporary. With waxing, outgrowth is needed before the next treatment (who wants that around a bikini line?) Laser hair removal not only achieves permanent hair reduction, but it works without the pain or risks associated with waxing. While a laser treatment may initially be more expensive than a waxing treatment, a lifetime of waxing will be very expensive.

Laser vs. Plucking

Plucking is appropriate for small areas (such as the eye area) and stray hairs, but not for large body areas. Laser hair removal will treat most body areas and is especially a quick way to treat larger body areas. Laser hair removal is not recommended for the eye area, so plucking is the better choice for this area.

Laser Removal is Time-Efficient

One of the most important benefits of laser hair removal is that it results in permanent hair reduction. Most of the other hair removal options are only temporary (shaving, plucking, waxing, using depilatories). Because laser hair removal leads to permanent results, it becomes very time efficient over a lifetime compared to paying for ongoing treatments with temporary hair removal methods. Although electrolysis is also considered permanent, it is very time-consuming, whereas laser hair removal treats large body areas rapidly.

Laser Removal is Cost-Efficient

The permanent results achieved with laser hair removal Manhasset also make it cost-efficient over a lifetime. Waxing is temporary and needs to be done every four to six weeks, which can be very expensive over a lifetime. Electrolysis, although it also has permanent results, is very time-consuming and can be more costly than laser hair removal for large body areas.

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