People have always been on the lookout for an effective way to remove unwanted hair from their bodies. Among all of these hair removal treatments, laser hair removal has by and large been the most effective.

But sometimes even the laser hair removal fails to work, which leads you to ask, “Why is my laser hair removal not working?”

There can be a lot of reasons why your laser hair removal might not be working. The color of the hair on your body might be too close to the color of your skin. Or, you might not be attending the sessions at the right interval. Your body’s hormonal imbalance also plays a part in the laser hair removal treatment failing to do its job, among other reasons. 

Let’s take a deeper look at why your laser hair treatment isn’t working.

Why is Laser Hair Removal Not Working?

laser hair removal not working

Laser hair has been the best hair removal treatment around the world for decades. It works by targeting the hair follicles in a particular area.

When that area is bombarded with laser, the hair follicles present in the area absorb the light and convert it into heat. The heat produced from the laser is so much that the hair follicles get destroyed, which ensures hair removal. 

Despite being so effective, there have been instances where laser hair removal does not work properly, or it doesn’t work at all. But why does laser hair removal not work?

Let’s take a look

1. Hair Color and Texture

Hair Color and Texture

When the laser is used on your skin, the light targets a particular pigment, which matches the hair. But if you have a lighter skin tone, and your hair is white, reddish-white, or blonde, then you will see that the laser hair removal did not work as the laser had a tougher time detecting the pigments.

The same will happen if you have dark black or brown hair and your skin tone is also dark. 

The texture of your hair also has a big part in the success of laser hair treatment. Coarser hair usually has hair follicles that are more prominent than those of smooth, fine hair. As a result, the laser will detect coarser hair faster and better than finer hair.

So, if you have fine, blond, or white hair with a fair complexion, or dark, fine hair with a darker complexion, you might find there is no difference after laser hair removal.

2. Not Attending Enough Sessions

If you have gone through laser treatment on your body, for example, the chin, and find yourself asking, “why is laser hair removal not working on my chin?”, chances are you didn’t attend enough sessions.

Laser hair removal works by targeting a small part of your skin and destroying its hair follicles. This is why, you have to attend multiple sessions for the treatment to work properly.

If you don’t attend enough sessions for laser hair treatment, some parts of your skin will be left untreated. As a result, the hair will start to grow back very soon.

3. Not Attending The Session at The Right Interval 

Contrary to popular belief, laser hair removal does not target all types of hair. It only targets hair that is in the growing stage. As your hair follows a certain growth cycle, you have to attend the sessions at a particular interval, so that all the hair follicles can be targeted when they are at the growth stage. 

If you don’t attend the session at the correct interval, some hair follicles will be targeted when they are at the growing stages, while some others will be targeted at the resting stage.

As a result, the procedure will be unfruitful and the unwanted hair will continue growing. 

4. Hormonal Imbalance

Hormonal Imbalance

Most of the time, unwanted hair growth in your body is caused by hormonal imbalance. The hormone that is most responsible for hair growth is testosterone.

If the testosterone level of your body is high, then no matter how much you apply laser hair removal therapy on your skin, it will not work properly. 

5. Medication


There are a few types of medications available, that can cause increased testosterone levels or hair growth. If you take these medications before you go through laser hair treatment, then the treatment will not work.

Examples of such medications are Danazol, Phenytoin, Anabolic Steroids, testosterone, etc. If you are taking these medications, then consult your doctor before getting laser treatment. 

6. Waxing

We recommend you clean the hair of the area where you want to get laser hair removal before the treatment. But what we don’t recommend is waxing before laser therapy.

As we mentioned above, laser treatment targets the hair follicles in your skin. But if you wax, you will remove not only the hair but the follicles as well, which has a big hand in the treatment failing. 


When we face questions such as, “why is my laser hair removal not working?”, we suggest you shave the area instead of waxing it.

When you remove hair before getting laser hair removal, you should shave the area instead of waxing. This way the hair will be removed, and the follicles will be left intact for the treatment to work its magic. 

7. Untrained Professionals

This is one of the biggest, yet often neglected reasons why laser hair removal doesn’t work. If the professionals are not trained in removing hair via laser, they can not target the area properly.

Also, they will not spend enough time on the part of the skin needed to be treated, which will make the procedure inefficient.

As a result, the unwanted hair on your skin will not be removed. 

8. Inefficient Equipment 

Over the last few years, laser hair removal technology has advanced by leaps and bounds. This has resulted in the equipment being more sophisticated, which ensures better and more permanent results.

But if the clinic where you are getting your laser hair treatment doesn’t have the latest equipment, you will see that the laser hair removal is not working. 

Final Words

If you ever find yourself asking, “Why is my laser hair removal not working?”, you should consider checking the above list. This way can understand what is causing your hair growth even after getting laser hair removal.

We, at Optimum Laser, provide top-notch laser hair removal services, so that you no longer have to deal with low self-confidence as well as any other issues. 

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