Spring always makes us think about laser hair removal in spring and it isn’t surprising that we start to think about a new and fresh start for ourselves, especially if those changes involve our hair and our body.

That is why a lot of people tend to make significant changes during the spring season, maybe a new haircut or changing the color of their hair, but when it comes to their body, one of the things that people look for is to get rid of all that uncomfortable hair.

With that said, the spring season is definitely the best time for laser hair removal and the good news is that if you want to do it, you can find a lot of options such as optimum laser hair removal Manhasset to make it happen. Before explaining the advantages of getting laser hair removal during spring, let’s learn what laser hair removal is all about.

Laser Hair Removal in The Spring

A good laser hair removal treatment helps reduce hair growth and can be performed on several parts of the body such as the bikini area, legs, underarms, and face. The advantage is that these treatments not only eliminate the necessity of waxing, plucking, or shaving all the time, but they also leave you with soft, and smooth beautiful skin without having bumps or razor burns all over your body, so you will be ready for the beach just in time.

Of course, you can get a laser hair removal all year long, however, there are certain seasons and times during the year that are so much better than others and one of those seasons is spring and the reasons why it is one of the best times to get a hair removal treatment are as follows:

4 Reasons why Laser Hair removal works so much better during spring

  • The contrast between your skin and hair

When you get hair removal done, the laser energy from the device that is used to make the procedure penetrates your skin focusing specifically on your hair follicle and that energy is drawn to the darker pigments of your follicle. This means that the higher contrast between your hair and your skin, the more effective the treatment.

Considering that you want more contrast, you will need your skin to be as pale as possible, and that is exactly how your skin looks at the beginning of the spring season, just when the tan you got the last summer is fading.

Also, it’s important to clarify that when you are spending a lot of time in the sun, your hair tends to lighten, which is going to lower the contrast between your skin and the follicle, and that’s going to reduce the effectiveness of any laser hair removal treatment considerably.

  • Your skin is always lighter during spring

This is another fact that any professional laser hair removal medical spa-like Optimum Laser Hair Removal knows and is that unless for any reason you don’t spend a lot of time under the sun during summertime, your skin is going to be so much lighter when winter is turning to spring.

  • The Laser hair removal prep is easier during springtime

If you already had laser hair removal treatment in the past, you should probably know that when you are preppingBest Laser Hair Removal in The Spring for the procedure you have to stop waxing or plucking for at least 4 weeks before you have your appointment.

Since you can’t wax or pluck, it is better to do it in spring, instead of summer, because a little bit of razor burn isn’t a big deal when you are at home most of the time in your leggings, jeans, or pajamas.

  • The aftercare of the laser hair removal is safest during spring

After you have a laser hair removal treatment, your skin is always going to be sensitive to any UV light (Ultraviolet) and that’s why you need to protect it from the sun by using a good sunscreen. If you don’t protect your skin, you are going to have to deal with your skin being burnt, and you are going to deal with a little bit of pigmentation darkening.

That is one of the reasons why spring is the perfect time if you want to have laser hair removal because your skin has enough time to heal during spring and it’s going to be more than ready before the summer.

In addition, it’s important to say that the laser hair removal process takes some time and you might need a couple of treatments to see a real effect because it isn’t an immediate procedure and your hair probably is going to grow again Laser Hair Removal in Springfor a while. If you have your hair removal laser procedure during spring, this whole process is going to happen in time and your skin is going to be soft and smooth by the time you are able to go to the beach, get a tan and enjoy the water and the sand.

You are going to need more than one treatment if you want to be sure the laser gets rid of all that unwanted hair follicles while they are in their active growth phase, however, if you start in the spring, you will have more than enough time to schedule the additional treatments that are necessary according to your progress.

Professional laser hair removal medical spas like Optimum Laser Hair Removal are going to help you organize your schedule so that you are going to be ready when summer hits. This is going to be essential if you want to make the most out of your hair removal process.

Final thoughts

As you can see, having laser hair removal done during the spring is your best decision for all the reasons mentioned above. This requires some organization and you need to make sure that you can get the process done with a professional medical spa or salon. This is important and you can be sure that Optimum Laser Hair Removal is your best choice.

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