When the summer holidays approach, one of the common things in the mind of most people is their skin. After having to cover up and spend months indoor because of winter, the summer provides ample opportunities to show up and show off our beautiful skins. However, among the lots of things that could affect the beauty of the skin, and by extension, the summer holiday plan is hairy skin.

This is why many people adopt various hair removal options to clear their skin of hair in unwanted places. Some of these options include shaving, waxing, and many more. These options have not only been in use over the years, but they have also served the purpose for which they are used.

Laser Hair Removal in Winter

However, these options come with associated downsides. Shaving often results in razor burns, rashes (especially when rushed and not done properly), among others. In fact, a shaved part only remains hair-free for a few days or weeks, at most.

And waxing? The pain that comes with this process is quite unbearable for most people. This is why another hair removal method is gaining popularity is gaining traction in the beauty world today. This method is the Laser Hair Removal method.

The Laser Hair Removal Method

This method simply uses concentrated laser beams to remove hairs from a target part of the skin. These beams of light work with the hair follicles in the skin to destroy the hair. The obvious benefit of this method is the fact that it ensures the permanent removal of hair from the treated area. You can read more on the process in this article (link the Secret Benefits of Laser Hair Removal article here).

One of the popular questions asked about the process is why do people choose winter to go for the laser hair removal procedure. In the succeeding sections, we will attempt to answer this question, by giving reasons why laser hair removal in winter is best carried out in the winter.

Why do Laser Hair Removal in Winter?

Reduced Exposure to Sun

One of the core precautionary notes that sounded to people seeking to embark on laser hair removal in winter is that Laser Hair Removal Winter they must avoid sun exposure as much as possible. Experts advise that participants should avoid sun exposure to the parts of their body they want treated, six weeks before undergoing the procedure and six weeks after.

This is because the laser hair removal procedure requires clean, light, and undamaged skin to be effective. Therefore, sun exposure and some of its effects such as tanning are detrimental to the success of the procedure.

This means that you are looking at a maximum of twelve weeks to reduce the exposure of your skin to the sun. Failure to adhere to this precaution and reduce sun exposure usually leads to the reduced efficiency of the process. And in cases where the effectiveness of the procedure is not affected, the treated areas usually face complications after the procedure.

This is why winter is the perfect time for undergoing the procedure. One of the common characteristics of winter is the little or no radiation of heat from the sun. There is also a huge reduction in the amount of ultra-violet rays that the sun produces during this time. All of these circumstances help you to avoid the exposure of your skin to the sun as much as possible.

Also, there are shorter days and longer nights during winter. This means that you get to spend less time outdoors, and this ultimately reduces the chances of exposing your skin to the sun.

Provides Adequate Time for Treatment

According to the explanation made in the preceding point, people who want to remove hair from unwanted places in their body through laser hair removal need about six weeks for a successful procedure. These twelve weeks include the preparatory weeks before the procedure and the subsequent checks and visits to the salon or beauty center where you underwent the procedure.

It is important to take these weeks because the success of the procedures depends on them. The procedure requires about three weeks before the hairs are fully removed, and also allows time for your skin to heal after the procedure. While waiting for your skin to heal, exposing the skin to sunlight and heat can aggravate the discomfort felt after the procedure and lead to further complications.

Winter provides you with enough time to spare for your skin to heal. This is because you get to spend more time indoors, and are covered up. And when you eventually go out, you get covered enough to avoid exposing your skin to the sun or high temperatures.

Finally, the goal of many people undergoing laser hair removal is to have clear hairless skin for the summer holidays. This goal gets defeated you go for the procedure in the summer when you should be showing off.

Clearer and Healthier Skin

Hair Removal in WinterWhile laser hair removal works on all skin types and colors, it is most effective when there is a contrasting difference between hair color and skin color. As an example, dark hair on light skin is easier to remove using laser beams than light hair on light skin or dark hair on dark skin. it is also clear that one of the effects of incessant exposure of the skin to the sun is the damaging of skin and reducing the exposure gives the skin a better chance at success during the laser hair removal process.

Also, during summer, there are lots of fun and activities in the open. These activities could result in tanning or sunburn. When any of these happens, the contrasting difference between the skin and hair color diminishes and it becomes harder for the laser hair removal process to be effective on such skin.


Winter has remained one of the best times and seasons to carry out a laser hair removal procedure. This is because the climate or weather condition during winter supports the requirements of the process.


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