Laser hair removal is one of the most effective and affordable hair removal procedures in the world.

But like every other procedure, this immensely effective one also has its limitations, and that is the color of the patient’s hair. The perfect hair color for laser hair removal for laser treatment is dark, which begs the question, will laser hair removal work on blonde hair? 

If a patient has blonde hair, then the chances of regular, or traditional laser hair removal treatment working on them are quite slim. But that doesn’t mean that they can’t get laser hair treatment. They can dye their hair before undergoing laser treatment, or they can use the new Nd: YAG laser, which is very effective on even the blondest of hairs. 

Let’s take a look at how people with blonde hair can get laser hair treatment. 

Can Blonde Hair Get Laser Hair Removal?

To find out whether laser hair removal for light hair works, first, you have to have an idea about how the treatment actually functions. Traditional laser hair removal treatment involves zapping the hair follicles in your skin with a laser of short wavelengths. The laser is then absorbed by the hair, and transformed into heat.

The heat then travels all the way through the hair follicles in the skin, which then cauterizes the blood vessels that feed blood into the follicles. As a result of this, the hair follicles don’t have any fuel to grow, and they fall out. 

The key to this procedure is targeting a certain pigment on your skin. If the hair is darker than the skin, then the laser has an easier time targeting the pigments and removing the hair. But, the problem arises when there is blonde hair on a patient’s skin, who have a fair skin tone. Since there is very little difference between the color of the skin and hair, the laser has a hard time targeting the hair and removing them. 

So, is there a laser hair removal for blonde hair? Of course, there is! The fact that traditional laser treatment isn’t very effective on blonde hair doesn’t mean that people with fair skin and blonde hair can’t get laser hair removal at all. 

As with any other technology, laser hair removal has been evolving at a fast pace. People with blonde hair can now also get their hair removed via laser hair treatment fairly easily. If you have blonde hair, there are two ways you can go about getting laser hair removal for blonde hair. 

  • Nd: YAG laser: The best laser hair removal for light-colored hair treatment is to get the new Nd: YAG laser. Unlike traditional laser therapy, this treatment doesn’t only rely on targeting a specific pigment. As a result, the laser doesn’t have a tough time differentiating between blonde and dark hair. 

Also, Nd: YAG laser hair treatment has a longer wavelength than regular laser hair treatment. As a result, they can target a whole range of pigments, instead of a specific one. Longer wavelengths also mean the laser can travel deep into the skin without harming the skin tissues. 

Finally, Nd: YAG laser treatment gives the skin a much longer time to cool off, which protects the skin tissues. So, does laser hair removal work for blonde hair? If you get the Nd: YAG treatment, then yes, it does. 

  • Laser dying: If you want to know another way how to get rid of blonde facial hair, you can laser dye your hair. This procedure includes the laser artificially dying the blonde hair on your skin so that it has an easier time detecting it. 

Then the laser is zapped on the dyed hair, and the process can continue to remove the unwanted hair. This process is not nearly as effective as the Nd: YAG method, but it is still more effective the traditional hair removal by laser. 

Are There Any Permanent Hair Removal Options For Blonde Hair?

blonde hair removal

Unwanted hair can pop up on your skin for several reasons, the main one being hormonal imbalance. So, unless the hormonal imbalance can be treated, no hair removal treatment can be permanent, irrespective of the hair color. But, some treatments can be more permanent than the rest. So, how can you get a more permanent hair removal for light hair?

For blonde hair, other than a laser hair treatment, electrolysis is a very good hair removal option. Electrolysis has been around for far longer than laser hair removal and works wonders on blonde hair. Unlike laser hair removal, which targets pigments, electrolysis works by passing an electric current through the hair follicles through a wire. 

As a result, the hair follicle and the blood vessel feeding it is damaged, and hair stops growing in that place. Since electrolysis doesn’t involve targeting the pigments of hair, the chance of it working faster and better on blonde hair increases exponentially. 

Final Words

If you have blonde and unwanted hair growing on your body, it is only natural for you to ask “Will laser hair removal work on blonde hair?” We suggest you consult with a doctor before getting laser hair removal, which will ensure you get the right suggestion. Then you can undergo either laser treatment or electrolysis. 

We, at Optimum Laser, provide both laser hair removal and electrolysis hair removal, so whatever method you choose, we can accommodate your needs. 


1. Does laser hair removal work on blonde or grey hair?

Recent laser hair removal technologies like Nd: YAG reacts well with blonde hair. But the same can not be said about grey hair, as till now there hasn’t been a viable laser hair removal method invented for them. 

2. What color of hair is best for laser hair removal?

Darker hair colors are the best for laser hair removal. So, if you have brunette or black hair, then you can easily get them removed. 

3. Which hair is not suitable for laser?

Despite the advancement in laser hair removal technology, some hair colors are not yet suitable for laser. These colors are white, ginger, and grey. 

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